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Introducing Guest Bloggers - Kathy Nathan April 22, 2015

Over the years, as individuals, we’ve probably all read business articles about companies that proudly articulate how they admire and highly value their employees. Our experience has been that our employee’s take great pride in being able to work effectively with each and every one of their teammates. We’ve uncovered some great characters and some unique life stories within our staff and we thought it would be exciting to get some of them to be guest bloggers and tell us a bit about themselves. So going forward, each month we are going to have one of our staff provide some highlights of their individual life experiences. Our first cab off the rank is Kathy Nathan from our Marketing Division…who is the first biker artist we’ve ever had in our team. Hope you enjoy her story.

I am currently coordinating the Guest Blogger campaign and thought I’d kick start things by introducing myself. I’m the new Marketing team member and definitely another unique personality at St Andrew’s. Apart from my family, my life is filled with many interesting aspects:

  • I’m an artist
  • I’m a member of a pit crew for a Drag Racing team; and
  • I ride motorcycles

I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. I have a studio above my husband’s engineering workshop and I paint and teach from there as often as I can. My art business outgrew my home many years ago. I am commissioned to paint portraits, cars, motorcycles, abstracts, murals and anything that will stand still long enough, including faces and bodies! I specialise in airbrushing. In 2014, I won the Dunsborough Art Society’s People’s Choice Award for one of my paintings.

My husband and I are members of the Rob Pilkington Drag Racing Pit Crew Team. I’m one of the lucky ones that’s allowed to stand about 5 metres behind the 3500 horsepower drag racing car as it’s revving up at the tree (that’s those coloured lights at the starting line). Think about the loudest concert you’ve ever been too, then times it by 100. That’s the feeling that vibrates through your entire body when the car takes off! It’s a serious business and we have a heap of fun being involved in drag racing. 

The other thing that I’m passionate about is motorcycle riding. I started riding off-road motorcycles when I was 9 years old. The thrill of standing up on an off-road bike in full standing position, barrelling down a dirt road at 90klms an hour (I’m the slow chick) is the most amazing feeling. The bike is out of view from that position and it’s the closest thing I can see that would be like literally flying. More recently I turned to riding road motorcycle. I currently ride a Suzuki SV650. I got my road bike license only last year. Road riding is a different excitement all together. I just love it.

One of my mottos is “Say yes more often”. It certainly helps me enjoy life.

So that’s a few things about me; St Andrew's staff why not share your story and let us know how you’re a unique personality at St Andrew’s. 



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