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Guest blogger: Jay Pinsent January 22, 2016

Introducing the next edition in our series of guest bloggers: Jay Pinsent. 

Hello, everyone calls me “Jay” but my real name is Jeronimo, and I have two birthdays! Thank you so much to my hippie artist and journalist parents for both of those (eye roll). My father is Anglo-Argentine, hence the Spanish name, it’s pronounced with a Spanish “J”, not a “G” like the red Indian exclaimed while throwing yourself out of a plane or suchlike, let alone growing up in 70’s London. Two birthdays? Supposedly the registrar was drunk when my mother registered my birth a month and a half later and put December instead of my real birthday in November. I’ll leave you to decide who was more likely to have been out of it at the time! I was also macrobiotic vegetarian till I went to primary school and apparently came back home demanding meat!

I’ve been working for St Andrew’s since early 2007, where I started in the Premiums team (now Service Delivery) as a processor. Within a week I was given greater responsibility because someone left, and I took it upon myself to try and do things better by organising to meet our processing partners at the bank and set up a new process. It’s rather carried on from there in developing what first became an Operations role, and then an Operations team. There’s nothing I like more than creating or doing something as well as I can, that’s the personal satisfaction I find in whatever I do, I build stuff at home too. I wasn’t prepared to follow my father’s footsteps as a near starving artist. We lived in public housing, yet he grew up with servants, but luckily my grandfather sent me to boarding school.

I immigrated to Perth 10 years ago to get married to a Perth girl I met in London. We built the suburban 4x2 and I have an amazingly fun, beautiful, and creatively talented 6yo daughter. Unfortunately I’ve been separated over a year now. Any takers?! My managers and colleagues at St Andrew’s have been so amazingly supportive during some very difficult emotional times. I can’t imagine how I would have got through it otherwise to be honest, thank you to everyone, truly. I doubt many other companies would have supported me as St Andy’s has!

Random stuff:
• I’m an experienced mountain bike racer – once nationally ranked in the UK, now retired, slow, and unfit! The trails here are pretty damn good here though, although everyone wants to ride far too early.
• I’ve lived a total of about a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but since Anglo families speak English at home I can’t speak conversational Spanish.
• I had a property photography business in London scooting about taking “virtual tour” photos and building website pages to host them, but only half of Perth had broadband when I arrived.
• Before that I worked as a lettings agent (rentals) in London’s West End – seriously expensive and poorer quality property than here, but sometimes I dealt with minor celebrities.




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